Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I'm Not Loving My Crippling Stroke

In case of emergency, call McDonald's. Best billboard ever.

Sex Sandwich

Interesting album art from the Ennio Morricone album Mondo Morricone.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Don't Drink the Cuckoo Punch

It's just not a good recipe. Click for a larger image with readable text.

My Friend Leonard

Sanam finally retaliated to the rapist mugshot image with a little wedding announcement.

I thought I might as well remind everyone of what else about Sanam's personal life has been leaked online.

Abject Horror

I'd guess I found this somewhere on MySpace, but I really don't remember anymore. What really gets me about this picture is the notion that, with the naked man standing behind her, this cat may be terrified for reasons other than the water.

And seriously, who would want to expose their naked skin to an angry cat anyway?

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Endangered for Your Own Safety

Unknown origin. Funny nonetheless.

One of My Prouder Accomplishments

Ducto, the Chair of Tomorrow. Sadly, this duct tape-constructed chair is no longer with us. But at least I have the memories.

Onomatopoeia in the Style of Andy Warhol

Pop art? Or recycled imagery from the old "Batman" TV show?

A55, Florida Orange and Red-Green-Yellow

Ha ha. From the Smoking Gun's files on ill-planned license plates.

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The "Video" in "Video Games"

An admittedly random assortment of video game-based art that I enjoy. I've played video games since I was very young, and since they're such an inherently visual medium, I've always thought people could do something cool with the pixilated visuals that they beam into our heads. Turns out a lot of people agreed.

Flickr user skinny coder posted this on his account. It's Duck Hunt, realized in Legos. What's especially cool about this project is that he's managed to preserve the blocky graphics of the early age of video games while still creating his art in a three-dimensional space. I like it. He's done a few other games, too, including Excitebike and Bionic Commando.

This piece, titled "Pipe Dreams" was made by an artist calling himself Danimation. He re-styled a whole lot of Mario characters in a more fluid, cartoony style. For Mario fanboys, this is the equivalent of a centerfold.

This piece apparently first showed up as a poster in Nintendo Power, a magazine I actually used to subscribe to when I was a kid. I just like that the artist, some guy named Gabe Swarr, bothered to put as much effort into it as he did. He's covered most of his bases by showing a healthy cross-section of the various Mario-related games I played when I was wee. And I can't help noticing that he seems to have drawn Mario to look like the Mayor from "Powerpuff Girls." Gabe Swarr, by the way, has his own blog, where he posts a lot of his work.

I'm not sure who's actually responsible for making this Mario-related installation, but it's a neat idea for public art. The pigeon presumably agrees. Can't remember where I found it.

Flickr user Neil Fiddleton posted this on his account. It's strangely vacant landscape art created from the original Super Mario Bros." graphics. This one is titled "Martin Short." He's also made ones called "Steve Martin" and "Four Sisters."

This is a snow sculpture representing a character named Totakeke, whom I wrote about earlier in a Back of the Cereal Box post concerning him and the Pet Shop Boys. The image was posted on Flickr by somebody named Mr. Pippo. A good likeness, really.

This next one is utterly confounding. I think I picked it up from Kotaku or Destructoid or some such other gaming blog. It's Japanese in origin, so it makes no sense. In it, you can see realistically drawn humans dressed up like Mario characters. You can also see Mario in a car being driven by Mario. Oh, Japan.

The final three images come from work exhibited in the i am 8 bit show that I saw in Los Angeles last year. Neat stuff. I don't know who did the below work, but I know it was featured in the show. Using fabric to show the princess in a more playful sense really works to get at what the artist was going for.

The above pieces stands in stark contrast to the next two, which both depict familiar Mario characters in a dystopic setting. Below is Isaac Pierro's "Don't Be a 2nd Player Hater." Poor Luigi.

And finally we have this piece, "The M.K.," by Jose Flores.

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Calling a Spade a Spade

Not sure where I picked this one up. Could be vintage art from some forgotten children's book, but for some reason I think this one is newer than that. These walking playing card men gave me nightmares as a kid. The way the red paint drips like blood does nothing to quell that fear.

Tags: alice in wonderland, painting the roses red, playing card, spade

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Again, the Golden Diva

An image that I actually made using the print screen function and a video game emulator. As far as I know, this image exists in only three places online:

And, I guess, here now too. Let's here it for spreading it like sickness.

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Diamond Dog

Another enemy from EarthBound, the quirky game I liked so much when I was younger. I think the only reason this character stayed with me is that it was called Diamond Dog, like a singular version of the David Bowie song.

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The Double Date

Neat photo that Flickr user Diastema posted. I like it.

Tags: fez, ostrich, figurine, diorama, awkward

Flinch Away

A photo of Dina that I have come to cherish.

It Is What It Is

And it's water-skiing squirrel. You can't really elaborate on these things. This was originally posted, I think, by Amamba on my MySpace profile.

Dream Factory

Because my mind was dwelling on the subject, for whatever reason, here are some more images from Doki Doki Panic, which I wrote about in a previous post.

This one shows art from the game's instruction booklet. I don't read Japanese, but what I can gather from the pictures is that the big frog thing kidnapped two kids in dorky hats through a book. Or something. And then the Arabian family chases them. Also, the kids have wings. Also, before the kids got kidnapped, they apparently had a neat impish friend in a beanie. Got, I love Japan.

This is some promotional image showing a strange partnership between Mario and Imajin, the latter being Mario's counterpart in the game he eventually stole. It's comforting, to me: Italy and Arabia, being friendly. Or, more accurately, Japan and Japan.

And finally: Mama, dying. She's the blue-hooded lady whose high-jumping skills translated to Luigi, who's been a high jumper ever since. Funny thing is that she dies just like Mario died in the first Super Mario Bros., which came out two years before this strange Japanese game did. Terrified look, jumping facing the screen, hands in the air — all as if to say "Damn you, you shitty video game player! May I haunt you forever for killing me!"

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Blended / Splendid

Entertaining vintage ad for Pabst Blue Ribbon, back when they though they had a chance at making the brand seem hip and refined. And I love the idea of the man having the woman touching the old-fashioned metal pop corn maker, potentially burning her already dishwater-soaked hands, while he enjoys a cold beer.

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Sorry, Minnie

Small graphic I made solely to post on people's MySpace profiles after I realized how much better the song is when you switch the two adjectives.

La la la la la.

Accurate / Inaccurate

Illustration of me that Mark Batalla drew for a column I wrote for the Daily Nexus sometime back. I think he got a vague suggestion of my face, though I can't figure out why I'm wearing a lumberjack shirt. As for Dansy on the right, I think we can all agree that Mark nailed it. Spittin' image, really.

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Snails as a Reflection for Societal Mores

Foreign-language panel comic featuring inappropriately dressed snails. I found this a long time ago and posted it on my other blog, hoping somebody could explain what the hell was going on. Eventually, Science Josh replied. It amuses me to this day.

Tags: snail, thong, portuguese, cartoon

Bad Move

Nice little cartoon I saw on the video game blog Destructoid today.

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Like "The Love-Matic Grandpa"

One of the few images on the entire internet representing the deservedly short-lived series "My Mother, the Car," which featured a man's dead mother possessing the family car. In a funny way.

Tags: sitcom, car, obscure, television, cancelled show

Coffee Makes You Stupid

A good find from Bri's blog.

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Confused Pumpkin

He's not right. From Sanam's Flickr account.

Tags: pumpkin, jack-o'-latern, upside-down

Displeased Frog

I just don't think he looks happy.

Tags: frog, angry, green

The Underground

Another illustration from a vintage children's book.

Tags: vintage, children's book, london, undergournd, tube, subway

Attack of the Dodos

In image from the "Porky In Wackyland" short that features the Dodos, the inhabitants of Wackyland that creeped me out to no end as a child.

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Friday, August 11, 2006

Classy Lassy

Here is a photo of Jill celebrating her twenty-second birthday in Washington D.C., where she lives now.

[It was inappropriate. A more grown-up me has deleted it.]

I wasn't there. I'm guessing she's singing into the dildo like a microphone. Hard to tell. Adam posted it on Jill's MySpace profile. Yes, it's that Jill. But Jill saw it and demanded that it be taken down. Still, I didn't feel like it should be removed altogether from the internet. You know, because it's so great. Thus, it's here, where people in the know can still find it but where it won't be seriously damaging poor Jill's reputation. Any more than it already it, anyway.

DogBaby Squared

Mr. Winkle, the dog who looks like not-a-dog. I saw a Mr. Winkle calendar and went online for more Winkle. I can't get enough. This dog made the rounds on MySpace a while back.

Tags: mr. winkle, dog, toy

Armed Father, Who Art in Heaven

Jesus packing heat. Probably found on MySpace. Can't remember the specifics.

Tags: jesus, rifle

Sleepy Puppy

Aww. Puppy likes corners. Of poster racks. Posted on Flickr sometime back. Can't remember by whom.

Tags: dog, puppy, awkward

Okey-Dokey Doki Doki

Image comparing art for Super Mario Bros. 2 and Doki Doki Panic, the Japanese game that the former was based on. And when I say "based on," I mean "hacked from." I wish I could find the Doki Doki Panic image in higher resolution, but so far this is all the internet has yielded. What's especially curious about these two images is that they're both hand-drawn art, but for whatever reason the artist who drew the left panel, which depicts the American version of the game, decided to preserve the design of the right one almost perfectly.

Look closely — or as closely as you can on this smallish image — and you can see that whoever drew the Super Mario Bros. art posed all the characters almost exactly as they appeared in the Doki Doki Panic art, just with a thicker line style. Mario, for example, is about to throw a turnip in the same way that Imajin, the turbaned fellow who starred in the Japanese game, is about to throw a mask. An African tribal mask, no less. You know, like you throw at people. Same with the rest of the cast.

What strikes me as even odder about these pieces is that the artist could have easily traced everything on the right side of the river for the Super Mario Bros. 2 art, as those characters did not change. Or if not trace, than they could easily have just pieced in the new art using whatever people in the 80s used before PhotoShip. They didn't. They re-drew it all, sometimes in poses that are almost imperceptibly different. Look at Birdo, for example. She's just slightly in a different pose, her snout is shaped differently and her bow is a different color.

Another note: For whatever reason, the American art doesn't change the sound effect of the bomb exploding from "BOM" — Japanese — to "BOMB" — the American equivalent, at least in the game. Even the hills in the background appear similarly, just with different swirls on them.

Odd. To me, anyway.

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Tiny World Destroyer

An indulgence: As a kid, I loved "Tiny Toons" and mentally catalogued the various kiddie mutations of the "Looney Tunes" cast. One of the rarest of these characters — alongside the tater tot version of Witch Hazel — was Marcia the Martian. She's the daughter of Marvin the Martian, who I always liked. Marcia the Martian only appeared once in the series, in a take-off on "Duck Dodgers." This, it seems, is the only image of her available on the internet, though it can now be found in quite a few places.

Tags: marcia the martian, marvin the martian, tiny toons, looney toons, cartoons, warner bros., animated

Anteater-Madonna and Child, With Anteaters

Did I mention that I like anteaters?

Tags: anteater, colored anteater, baby anteater, hairless

He Sees the City Asleep at Night

Image that originallly appeared in the "To Quote Wally Exactly" post on Back of the Cereal Box. The last item in the list was "the concept of the flâneur." This was what came up when I put the word into Google image search. For whatever reason, this image — and now the word "flaneur" as well — makes me think of Iggy Pop's "The Passenger," even though a flaneur, by definition, is a pedestrian and the song refers to somebody riding in a car.

Tags: black and white, vintage, monochrome, photograph, city, urban, dark, flaneur

Like Leopold and Loeb, Only Meaner

Image of "Home Movies" characters Walter and Perry that I found at Brendon Small's website.

Tags: walter, perry, home movies, adult swim, cartoon

Thursday, August 10, 2006

On Second Thought

I think I'll post this one on Sanam's MySpace profile instead.