Monday, July 31, 2006

Mr. and Mrs. Man-Sheep

While KrisDina and I were in New Zealand, we repeatedly saw advertisements for Icebreaker, a particular brand of wool-based clothing. There were advertisements in most New Zealand magazines and posters in the windows of clothes shops. These ads, to say the least, were eye-catching.

Here's an example:

As you can see, the brand hypes the pure Merino wool aspect of their clothes by dressing up two models — a wispy, fair woman and a brawny, tan guy — is some kind of strange sheep drag. The end result is something out of Greek mythology, though it more realistically came from Photoshop. (Honestly, I like that there’s such a great potential for overlap between the two.) But I can't help feel a little wrong to look at something that clearly exhibits sheep characteristics and then thinking sexy thoughts. Maybe that’s the point. These grotesque forms do nothing to dispel the notion that New Zealanders — famed shepherds — bugger their flock like it's going out of style. The two depicted, however model-pretty they may be, look to be the offspring of such matings.

Finally, the above image is, to me, frightening on a primal level. Not only does the sheep-man seem to be springing from the very soil, wool and all, but his lady friend is holding those shears in a dangerous place. I worry for him, my friend the sheep-man.

I managed to find a second ad picturing the same to models, though the image is of substantially lower quality. It also doesn't compel me to cross my legs in a protective fashion.

We get a better shot at the woman — who, it turns out, looks a little bit like Allison Goldfrapp — and her apparent leotard of wool. We also see that the man does in fact have feet. Now he's holding the shearing scissors and I'm a little worried for Mrs. Man-Sheep.

Strange people, those New Zealanders.

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Refrigerator Mold-a-Riffic

This was one of my first-ever Photoshop forays. I did it for Dr. Sorapure's writing and new media class back in winter of 2004. We had to illustrate a four-letter word in a way that underscored that word's meaning, and after a lengthy mental debate I chose "foul." I only wish I had a bigger version of this image somewhere.

Tags: photoshop, sorapure, foul, refrigerator, mold

Duck, Duck, Duck, Sexual Assault

Here's an image that Bri actually posted on Literature and Water, I believe in reaction to this blog, which in itself was a reaction to Sanam's Archivolt. It's an illustration Dave drew to accompany a Nexus editorial on rape statistics, and it manages to get that across while still being amusing.

I have no idea why the girls look like nuns.

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Anteater Takes One to the Face

I love antearers. It's no secret. For the life of me, however, I can't remember where I picked up this image of an anteater getting smacked in the face. I'm tempted to claim he has some connection to the old "Pink Panther" cartoons. I also have no idea what's up with the little guy hiding behind him.

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Friday, July 28, 2006

Three Paulines

Pauline is the damsel in the Donkey Kong games. You know — the one running in place at the top of the construction site. Her in-game appearance doesn't look anything like how she's depicted in the official art. Here is how she originally looked:

Shortly thereafter, Nintendo introduced Princess Toadstool as Mario's main squeeze and Pauline vanished. They updated the old Donkey Kong game engine, though, in 1994 and re-introduced Pauline, though she looked different in order to further differentiate her from the princess. This is a widely available image of that version of Pauline:

Quite washed out. In my lameness, I decided to reconstruct her face on Photoshop. I also gave her skin tone. For both these jobs, I borrowed on what the original version of Pauline looked like. This is the result:

Hopefully, this will be the version that gets passed around. It's currently the image for her on her Wikipedia profile, so it should be widely accessible.

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Gastropod Orthodox

A second installment of "Mr. Pants," the short-lived comic I did for the Daily Nexus. This one, notably, does not feature Mr. Pants.

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Kam-Mee's Playhouse

A digital collage that Kami made for some class and posted on my MySpace profile.

Tags: photoshop, digital, collage, bedroom

It Is What It Is

Random Flickr image that I enjoyed. There's probably a story behind this that I couldn't begin to tell.

Tags: hand, egg

The Proof

Good to know that we can all have a future in front of us, regardless of how much personal garbage might be on the internet at the moment.

Taken from Hasan's Myspace profile.

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Less of a Moth, Less of a Man

An illustration that I took from The Big Book of the Unexplained. This art, by Graham Higgins, shows the Mothman, in all his glowing eyes glory

This image originally appeared in my posts of posts, "To Quote Wally Exactly."

Tags: unexplained, mothman, cryptid, cryptozoology, monster

We Were All There

Vintage children's book illustration depicting a baby in utero. Note the serene look upon the child's face, in spite of the fact that it appears to be resting in snot-colored goo. Ah, the womb.

Found somewhere on Flickr. I'll have to find the page again to post it.

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bad Restaurant

Confusing billboard for a restaurant people should bring their children to. Posted by Nate on his Flickr account.

Tags: cannibalism, mexican, seafood, resturant, billboard, baby, cooked, cook, chef's hat

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Don't Forget Mix Master Dog

A screengrab I took of an Otter Pops music video. (Don't ask.) It's the dog that belongs to Little Orphan Orange, Melon Collie. He delights me.

Tags: otter pops, dog, DJ, mixing table, cartoon

Purple Pig Frog

A rare pig-snouted frog species, Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis, discovered only a few years ago in India. I find it cute.

Tags: frog, india, purple, pig, nose, snout, rare, species

Monday, July 24, 2006

Adorable Extraterrestrial

The Cute Li'l UFO, a minor enemy from EarthBound, a game I liked when I was a kid. Same game as the blue cult guy below.

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Poodle Ears

Strange illustration depicting numbered steps for how to make your poodle resent you. Posted by Sanam on my MySpace profile.

Tags: poodle, ears, contraption, manual, dog abuse

It Should Not Have Been

Alvin, of "Alvin and the Chipmunks" fame, shown befriending a vaguely anthropomorphic female hot dog, possibly in promotion of a brand of hot dogs. Origin unknown.

Tags: bizarre, alvin, chipmunks, promo, advertising, unlicensed, hot dog, female, anthropomorphic

The Short-Lived Foray

I comic strip I wrote for the Daily Nexus some time back. The first of three, two of which featured Mr. Pants.

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Vandalism — From the World of Tomorrow!

Dr. Zoidberg hangs out in men's restrooms. Or did you already know?

Tags: futurama, dr. zoidberg, graffiti, vandalism, lobster, cartoon

The Boy in the Plastic Bag

A photo of forgotten origin. I can't explain because I didn't grow up Asian. I converted.

Tags: boy, plastic, bag, asian, child abuse

Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Small Mystery

I really haven't got a clue.

Tags: unidentified

Sunflower Bicycle

Nice French poster for "Harold and Maude." Wish I had it in a bigger size, though.

Tags: harold, maude, film, poster, vintage, french, cinema

Edible Root Vegetable

It's a turnip.

Tags: turnip

Paint the World Blue

The sprite of a character from a beloved video game I playted when I was a kid. A Happy-Happyist, this guy dedicated his life to finding happiness through painting everything blue. Even cows.

He looks a bit like a Ku Klux Klan member, doesn't he?

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Happy to Be Here

A promo photo of Petra Massey, an actress KrisDina and I saw in the play Cooped at the Sydney Opera House. It was a good play. Oh, and we saw her completely naked.

I'm four times in love.

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Deadly Youth

Baby Doll, a minor villain from the animated "Batman" series I watched when I was a kid. There aren't too many images of her available online, but this one — which I snagged from the Wikipedia entry for her — is quite good.

I've also helped shape that very Wikipedia article. I know. I'm so lame.

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Pac-Man Lotto

Watch as Pac-Man gobbles up your money! From

Also: Way to jump on the Pac-Man trend while it's hot, Texas.

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The Alligator in the Sewer

This is an illustration that appeared in The Big Book of Urbal Legends, a Paradox Press release that tells urban legends in comic book form. It's great. I used the illustration in "To Quote Wally Exactly," my post-of-posts on the Back of the Cereal Box, although I colored the illustration in on Microsoft Paint for that. So, then, to my knowledge, this is the only colored version of this illustration that exists.

Tags: alligator, crocodile, reptile, green, urban legend, myth, sewer, manhole

Magenta Sheep

From an old children's book that someone had scanned and put online. Author and scanner unknown.

Tags: vintage, book, vintage book, literature, illustration, children's book, kid's book, giant, purple, sheep

"He's an Alpaca!"

A juvenile alpaca, looking adorably awkward. Picked up while browsing Flickr. The original image is here.

Tags: baby, alpaca, fur, wool, furry, wooly, baby, juvenile, awkward

Friday, July 21, 2006

The Abduction of DogBaby

Polaroids taken during the first DogBaby incident.

The top one is Amber, former housemate here. The bottom one is Betsy, current roommate. They wore Kristen's clothes a staged a ransom for the return of the precious DogBaby. You can read more about the DogBaby saga on his MySpace page.

Tags: abduction, abduct, kidnap, kidnapper, bandit, masked, hostage, ransom, polaroid, photograph, dog, baby, dogbaby, stuffed animal, toy, prank

The Real-Life Peter Griffin

Can't even remember where I first found it. Also, probably faked. He does, however, bear a striking resemblance.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Consorts of the Mushroom Retainers

A photo that I pegged as one of my first favorites on Flickr. Gotta love the Japanese.

You can view the original here.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Sad Dromedary

A promotional card for the film "The Story of the Weeping Camel."

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Wrinkle Puppy

And what better way to start than with an image Sanam has just recently posted as a comment on my MySpace profile?

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

In the Shadow of Sanam

If you're going to steal, then steal from the best. It's a good rule. And it's one I followed when I set up this blog. I had already kept a regular blog, Back of the Cereal Box, for years when I made this. But that one was all about the words, really. This is something altogether different.

Around the beginning of June this year, my friend Sanam set up a secondary blog account — on LiveJournal, no less — to archive a collection of images she’d amassed over her years of internet browsing. This intrigued me greatly: a way to post images online, free on the constraints of Flickr, just as a means of keeping them in case the computer they’re stored on should ever die. It’s a novel use for a blog. Immediately, I was jealous. I would have launched this blog right then had I bothered to keep a collection of images like Sanam did. But I’m lame and I neglected to do this, even as tickled by the many jpegs and tiffs as I've been over the years. For whatever reason, I had just never managed to accomplished the whole right-click and save necessary to make these images mine.

As a result, I’ve recently scrambled through the pages I remember and done the very thing I failed to do before. What you will see on this blog in the coming days is just that: the images I like and want to keep and remember and have on command when I need them. Don’t read this for flowery prose. This here is all about the visual instead of the verbal.

Here’s what you can expect:
  • things posed on MySpace, sometimes by Sanam herself
  • things that were posted on my other blog, for whatever reason, that I like
  • illustration from vintage children’s books, the art from which I enjoy very much
  • strange Japanese things
  • rare pop culture clippings
  • a few photos I have taken myself that I find worthy of re-posting in this blog, solely as a means of tricking more people into looking at them
  • other things
  • a list of search words for the various images posted, so that people surfing the Googly tide will be able to find them
And that’s it, really. As you’ll note, the template for this blog is a subtle variation on the one I have for my other blog. On that blog, I noted Sanam’s initial effort in a post titled “Die Wunderkammer,” which is German for something like “the cabinet of curiosities.” “Die Wunderkammer” was also the title of a mix CD Spence made for me when I got back from Australia.

Finally, the background image for this post is a Photoshopped version of a photograph I took last winter, when my parents and I went to see a boat in the Santa Barbara harbor that had been attacked by a whale a week beforehand. The boat was covered in shattered safety glass, which when gathered in piles had the look of the cyan ice shard substance you see before you. I discussed all this in previous post, "What the Whale Did," in which I predicted that the shattered glass would one day become the background image for my blog. I just didn’t realize at the time that it would be a new blog. The un-edited image by itself, by the way, can be found here.